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IRS scandal update

You can't make stuff like this up.

The latest news related to the IRS targeting of tea party conservatives will have you shaking your head. It's true that the Obama administration launched an “investigation” into the scandal. There's only one problem … the person appointed to lead that investigation is an Obama donor! The person leading the investigation has been revealed to be trial attorney Barbara Kay Bosserman. She's given more than $6,000 to Obama's campaigns. So the person appointed to lead Obama's probe into Obama's IRS targeting of Obama's political opponents is an Obama supporter. Are you seeing the issue here? Rep. Darrell Issa says that as a result, the investigation has been “compromised.” Sadly, I've come to expect nothing more from this administration. Transparency and honesty are not words I would use to describe Obama or his administration.

There's also news related to the Benghazi scandal. It has been revealed that a former Guantanamo Bay detainee was, in fact, part of the Benghazi attack that resulted in the death of four Americans. Sufian bin Qumu is a member of Ansar Al-Sharia, the group responsible for the attack, and is about to be declared a “foreign terrorist entity.” This would allow the United States to freeze any of its assets and restrict its travel. While some news outlets, including Fox, had pegged Bin Qumu as having a hand in the attack, the administration and other media outlets like the New York Times tried to downplay or out-right deny that narrative because of Bin Qumu's ties to al Qaeda (which is supposed to be on the run, remember?).

Also related to Benghazi, House Speaker John Boehner has found himself in hot water. This is because of a letter from relatives of the Benghazi attack victims to John Boehner, accusing him of resisting a special committee to investigate Benghazi because it would ultimately implicate Boehner himself. It's possible that Boehner was briefed on the covert operations happening in Libya. The letter is signed by Charles Woods, father of former Navy SEAL Ty Woods, the mother and uncle of Sean Smith, and 70 other people. The letter questions, “Are you dodging a legitimate, thorough, coordinated investigation of Benghazi because it will damage your political position as Speaker?”