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IRS targets political candidates

I thought the IRS scandal was “solved.” Remember that? It wasn't that long ago that Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings declared the IRS scandal to be solved. Yet yesterday I told you about the bombshell news that the targeting of Tea Party groups went all the way to the IRS Chief Counsel, who is an Obama appointee.

We've come to learn a little bit more about this chief counsel of the IRS. His name is William Wilkins and according to testimony yesterday, he was “closely involved in some of the applications” for tax exempt status. Rogue, low-level employees? Seriously, how long did the administration think they could get away with that lie? Anyway, it turns out that Wilkins is a lifelong Democrat and a big-time Democrat donor. He is a former lobbyist at a legal firm. Wilkins also led the defense (pro bono) of Obama's former Pastor Jeremiah Wright and his church when it was accused by the IRS of violating its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Is it possible that Wilkins or any individual in his position could set aside partisanship to do his job? Sure, it's possible but in light of the fact that it was only Tea Party groups that were targeted, it does at least appear more suspect.

What I didn't tell you about yesterday was the second part of that IRS hearing, where IRS Inspector General J. Russell George found himself at the mercy of Democrats who were hounding him for what they believe is a failure of George to report the targeting of liberal groups as well. George insisted that the evidence showed that conservative groups were, by far, more targeted than liberal groups. While nearly 300 conservative groups were targeted for scrutiny, less than ten liberal groups were targeted and then all of those liberal groups went on to achieve their tax exempt status. Meanwhile, hundreds of Tea Party groups are still waiting. Nevertheless, Democrats are trying to make this into something it's not. They are incapable of ceding the fact that conservative groups were targeted by the IRS. George called the way Democrats treated him as “unprecedented.” He says, “I have to admit, I am a little concerned that this type of forum could have a chilling effect on the operations of inspectors general.” He's absolutely right and Democrats should be ashamed.

But this wasn't the only bombshell news related to the IRS this week. According to a report in the Washington Times, former Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell was alerted by the Treasury Department that her tax records may have been breached and misused by an individual. On the very day the O'Donnell announced her run for the Senate, an official in the Delaware state government allegedly accessed her tax records. If you will recall, on that same day a tax lien was placed on a house that O'Donnell reportedly owned, which turned out to be untrue. It was blamed on a “computer glitch.” Yeah … right. This falls in line with reports I told you about where the Treasury Department alerted Senator Chuck Grassley that multiple politicians or political donors had their tax records improperly accessed. One case was described as a “willful violation” of federal law. Oh and on top of that, Eric Holder's Department of Justice refuses to prosecute any of these cases.

But you likely won't hear about any of these scandal updates in the mainstream media. According to Newsbusters, not a single network – ABC, CBS, NBC – reported the bombshell news from yesterday's IRS hearings, nor did they bother to report the story of political candidates and donors having their tax records improperly accessed. Not reporting news is often just as indicative of bias as reporting it with a particular slant.