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Is Romney Wright or Wrong?

Sean has been very clear that his support for the 2012 presidency is ABO...Anybody But Obama. Another term from Obama would ruin the country beyond repair Sean has consistently warned. That does not, however, mean that he will never have an issue with the GOP candidates. Likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney has made a very questionable decision according to Sean.

Just this week a super pac announced it would be spending nearly $10 million on an ad focusing on Obama’s relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Romney responded to the news saying he plans on distancing himself from such ads and tactics because he wants to be civil and focus on “important issues like the economy.” Sean in no way disagrees that the economy should be at the forefront, but does not agree with Romney’s decision to refuse the help. Especially on an issue that does have merit.

Even though Sean brought the unwholesome relationship of Obama and Rev Wright to light prior to the 2008 election, he now hopes that after 4 years of broken promises, increased national debt, rising unemployment and hundreds of other factors that the celebrity awe of Obama will have passed and voters will be willing to absorb and accept issues such as Wright.

Not only that, but this decision by Romney could prove to be detrimental to his campaign efforts. In the last election, Senator McCain went on “Hannity & Colmes” and said he would not use the relationship of Wright in his campaign and openly stated he did not think Obama shared the sentiments of Wright’s hateful spew. While trying to remain civil may have appeared admiral, it was foolish. It is an issue of importance and civility did not help McCain’s White House run.

Sean understands Romney’s desire to bring issues that affect the American people day to day to the forefront, but denying help from those who are attempting to educate the public on issues such as Wright will most likely not be in his best interest says Sean. Not only that but president Obama has already thrown civil competition out the window by not returning the million dollars donated to his super pac by one of the most hateful vicious members of the media, Bill Maher.