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Israel Betrayed by U.S. Administration

March 29th a lengthy report in Foreign Policy magazine printed information alluding to Israel developing a ‘secret staging ground’ in Azerbaijan, which is located on the border of Iran. The report sparked outrage that publicizing such information was not only a violation to the security of Israel and jeopardized its ability to defend itself against Iran, but also information that should not have become known to an already trigger happy and unstable Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad has several times defended his position that Israel does not have the right to exist and should “be wiped off the map” amongst hundreds of other vicious and anti-Semitic rants.

Here is where the story takes an unprecedented turn. The author of the Foreign Policy piece mentions his ‘high-level’ sources: “Obama administration officials.” A senior administration official told the author “The Israelis have bought an airfield…and the airfield is called Azerbaijan.”

Israel needs to attain the capability to defend itself against Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, and a deal to buy an airbase in Azerbaijan would allow Israel to have a staging ground within close proximity. What on earth would prompt the U.S. to leak such highly sensitive information? “I think this leak today is part of the administration’s campaign against an Israeli attack” former US ambassador John Bolton told Fox News.

That theory seems credible given Obama’s history of behavior towards Israel. Obama has stated his support for a Palestinian State, and suggested that Israel go back to “pre-1967 borders.” Obama was also overheard discussing Netanyahu with French President Nicolai Sarkozy who said “I cannot stand him. He’s a liar” to which Obama responded “you’re fed up with him but I have to deal with him every day.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition responded with a press release which stated:

“The administration’s willingness to reveal sensitive U.S. intelligence about Iran and to sabotage Israel’s relationship with another country, all in an attempt to limit Israel’s options with regard to Iran, is deeply, deeply troubling. If President Obama really had Israel’s back, why is his administration leaking like this? These are not the actions of a friend of Israel, nor of a responsible and thoughtful US administration.”