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Jobs and Unemployment

What is the most important issue facing America? Jobs and unemployment once again top the list, according to the latest Gallup polling.

Since October 2013, government and politicians was the top concern for Americans, but after a 7 percent increase since January, jobs and unemployment is back on top.

Unemployment is a top concern for all Americans, regardless of party affiliation.

Healthcare, the economy and our federal debt also rank among the top concerns.

American's satisfaction with the direction of our nation remains stable at a mere 22 percent.

I can't blame the American people for feeling this way. After all, wages have stagnated and millions have simply given up looking for work. We also have a record number of Americans collecting some form of benefit from the government.

What's become clear is that we cannot rely on the government to get people working again. Obama's failed stimulus is a prime example of how government spending fails to translate into jobs.

This is why I've started the Get America Back to Work campaign, featuring companies that are eager to hire American workers.

Source: Gallup