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Karl Rove: Down to Two?

“The Architect”, Karl Rove, joined the radio show to share his thoughts on the 2012 presidential campaigns. “Governor Romney had a good weekend in Puerto Rico,” began Hannity, “What do you think?”

“This race is going to go on for some time,” acknowledged Rove, “We’ve spread this out deliberately because Florida jumped early and a cascade of states wanted to jump out in front of them.” Rove continued, “This race has come down to two races though Gingrich and Paul will stay on for as long as they want to.”

“Ohio shows Rick Santorum’s weaknesses,” pointed out Rove, “In Ohio he failed to file delegate rosters in a number of congressional districts therefore forfeiting delegates.” Being equally critical of Governor Romney Rove continued, “In a general election though the big issue for Governor Romney would be whether he could energize republican voters, especially in the rural areas.”

Illinois holds their primary tonight, but does any outcome even have potential to change the political makeup of this current race? Additionally some are critical that both Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are not gracefully bowing out of the race even though they are significantly behind Santorum and Romney in delegate votes. The GOP pundits tend to differ on whether or not they should stay in and fight the race out to the end, or step aside so that their votes can be distributed amongst Santorum and Romney and we can have a better idea, sooner, of who will in fact be chosen as the GOP 2012 candidate.