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Keeping Focused on ObamaCare

There are some who speculate that the timing of the Iranian nuclear deal is quite suspicious and happened now in order to distract from the disaster that is ObamaCare. I wouldn't put it past this administration, who is so deeply concerned about controlling the message.

Here are some of the latest reports related to ObamaCare and the failed rollout of the exchanges …

Do you get your health insurance through your employer? Your costs are likely to increase as more companies pass along higher prices to their employees, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that the Spanish-language version of the federal health exchange – – has also been delayed, and won't be ready until at least the end of this month.

Also when it comes to the ObamaCare website, we've come to learn that in a rush to implement certain aspects of the site, the administration engaged in a no-bid contract with a familiar company.

The Politico has a piece today explaining how Speaker John Boehner's premiums are spiking under ObamaCare. You can read more of the particulars here, but the bottom line is that insurance cost for Boehner (64) will be double what they used to cost to cover both him and his wife, and that is with a much higher deductible.

Top hospitals such as the Cleveland Clinic are being forced to lay off staff because of ObamaCare. They have also been forced to reduce their budget by more than $100 million. That can only lead to better quality care, right? Wrong.

On the state level, we are already seeing security breaches. Vermont's health exchange – Vermont Health Connect – experienced a security breach in mid-October when someone was able to obtain another user's Social Security number and other private data.

Take a look at this report of how ObamaCare is pushing Americans into Medicaid, even if they don't want it or are wealthy and can afford other coverage! Needless to say, the concept of “more options” for Americans is a joke.

I've told you for a while now about how ObamaCare relies on young, healthy Americans signing up for coverage in order to stabilize premium prices. I guess this administration didn't consider what would happen if young people didn't sign up … which is what we are seeing, even in places like California. If young people don't buy in, we are likely to suffer a “death spiral” of ratings spikes.

Young people, by the way, may not be receiving the ObamaCare subsidies they've been promised. CNN explains how subsidy calculations are complicating matters and leaving some out of in the cold.

Not a day goes by that we don't hear a heartbreaking story like this: a Virginia woman battling cancer is being forced off her current insurance (that she likes) and forced into ObamaCare.

ObamaCare offers perverse incentives. The Heritage Foundation explains how ObamaCare discourages two crucial societal building blocks: work and marriage.

Gallup's latest polling shows that 69% of Americans are happy with their current coverage. A majority of Americans also do not believe it is the role of the federal government to fix problems related to healthcare.

How bad are things getting for Democrats? Even Democrats like Al Franken say they would be open to delaying the individual mandate even further, if the federal exchange website isn't ready by the end of the month. Based on reports from the Washington Post, the website isn't expected to be fully functional by the end of the month as promised. Yet ask other Democrats like Steny Hoyer and they will try and convince you that ObamaCare hasn't failed. Yeah, right.