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Keystone XL Pipeline

I firmly believe that one of the key factors in getting our economy moving, creating jobs and relieving ourselves of dependence on foreign countries is to explore the vast energy resources we have right here in America. This is why energy is a part of my Conservative Solutions Caucus, which you can read about here.

While the president loves to take credit for the recent boom in domestic energy production, he fails to tell you that this is entirely because of private enterprise on private lands. The government is only getting in the way, and it is not fueling the energy boom by opening up its own lands for energy exploration.

One of the hot-button issues when it comes to energy is the Keystone XL Pipeline. The fact that we are unable to finish and utilize this pipeline is purely because of the influence of lobbyists and environmentalists in Washington. Jobs and energy come second to the political clout of these groups. Notice that when Obama spoke about oil and energy in his State of the Union address, he did not mention the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Things are about to heat up on this issue.

An environmental analysis from the State Department is about to be released. Once this environmental impact study on the Keystone XL Pipeline is released, there will subsequently be a 90-day review period. During this time the Obama administration will have to determine if the pipeline is a project of national interest.

According to Fox News, government officials believe “the review would probably disappoint Keystone opponents who say the pipeline would carry 'dirty oil' that contributes to global warming.”

We will know within 90 days whether the president is serious about creating jobs and harnessing our energy capabilities.