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Longer Lines, Shorter Hours?

Barack Obama and the Democrats have you believing that the world is going to come to an end this Friday if we let sequestration cuts go into effect and cut less than 3% from our budget this year. They've told us that kids won't be able to get daycare, criminals will be set free and you will experience longer lines at the airport. Take a look at the doomsday effect laid out by the New York Times:

“There could also be longer security lines at airports because of anticipated furloughs of Transportation Security Administration workers. In addition, deplaning from international flights could be slower because Customs and Border Protection agents are expected to work fewer hours.”

For all of the concern about cutting 2.3% of federal spending, how about the laws already in place that will have more drastic effects on our economy. Take for instance, ObamaCare. Where is the New York Times outrage over the latest reports that Florida has a shortage of doctors to handle the oncoming changes associated with ObamaCare? Longer lines at the doctors office could be inevitable as millions more are forced into the system, while doctors are bailing out. While the New York Times is worried about Customs agents working fewer hours, what about the employees around the country whose hours are being cut in order to comply with the ObamaCare threshold of 30 hours per week qualifying as full-time?

There are already laws on the books, which are causing great economic damage and have the potential to affect our lives much more than the sequester.