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Maher: ‘I Would Be Happy To Go On Sean (Hannity’s) Show'

HBO’s Bill Maher recently chatted with Humboldt County, California’s 94.1 KSLG about a variety things, like religion, politics… and Fox News host Sean Hannity’s apparent crippling concern regarding the Playboy mansion.

Host Myles Cochrane shared a snippet from a Hannity segment wherein he stated that Maher “hates God, he hates religion, he smokes pot, he wants to be Hugh Hefner” and that he “has a dark agenda.” Maher laughed it off. “Yeah, Sean’s a little… shall we say frustrated?,” he asked.

“I don’t know. Jealous much, Sean? I think that’s what it is.” He recounted how Hannity had even brought on a therapist, Dr. Keith Ablow, to psychoanalyze him. (You remember that segment, right? It stemmed from comments Maher had made regarding Bristol Palin’s alleged “horniness.”)

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