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McConnell Recording Scandal

The FBI now has “people of interest” in the audio recording scandal involving Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Earlier this week, leftist publication Mother Jones released an audio recording of a McConnell strategy meeting where they were discussing possible opponent Ashley Judd. While the Left is outraged over the content of the discussion, there seems to be little outrage over the fact that these recording were made and distributed illegally. Not to mention the fact that every political campaign does opposition research on opponents, and much of what was overheard was actually quotes from Ashley Judd herself! Democrats, on the other hand, love to simply make up things about their opponents – how they want dirty air and water, they want to push granny over the cliff, or that they (Mitt Romney) are responsible for the death of a steel workers' wife. Any of that sound familiar? So I find the outrage over the content of that meeting to be ridiculous.

Yesterday a man by the name of Jacob Conway of the Jefferson County Democrat Party spoke out on the issue, saying that he knew who was responsible for the recording. It apparently was done by two people – Shawn Reilly and Curtis Morrison -- of the liberal Super PAC Progress Kentucky. Conway's motivation in speaking out was apparently to clear the name of the Democrat Party in Kentucky.

This is not Progress Kentucky's first rodeo when it comes to controversy. You may remember a few months ago when the group Tweeted out and then later apologized for offensive comments about the race of Mitch McConnell's wife. It also should be noted that the founder of Progress Kentucky, Shawn Reilly, apparently has close ties to the Democrat Party, according to the Daily Caller, recently serving as a member of the executive committee of the state Democratic Party and a delegate to the DNC in 2012.

We'll continue to cover the story as details of the FBI's investigation come to light.