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Mehanical Bull Cancelled

You may recall the public outcry when it was announced that during the partial government shutdown, purchasing a mechanical bull for the Utah National Guard somehow made the cut of essential expenditures. The purchase was set to cost the taxpayers over $47,000.

You'll be happy to hear that this contract has since been canceled. Now while the official line from government bureaucrats is that the purchase was a contracting “glitch,” we can't help but wonder if public pressure made the difference.

But as we well know, examples like this are all too common. For example, just days before the shutdown, the Airforce signed a contract to spend over $84,000 on eco-friendly Exit signs. These LED Exit signs will replace existing lighting at the Bowling Center, Recreation Center and other buildings on the Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Making public these outrageous expenditures may slowly be making a difference in holding bureaucratic feet to the fire when it comes to spending with your tax dollars.

(CNS News & CNS News)