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More Diversity Training Revealed

A few days ago I told you about a USDA cultural sensitivity training program, which cost the taxpayers $200,000. This outrageous program had the trainer asking participants to repeat various statements such as, “The pilgrims were illegal aliens.”

Now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, more of this training program is available to the public. Among some of the more outrageous requests were for participants to recite the following: “If we work for a federal agency, we’ve discriminated in the past.”

The diversity awareness trainer Samuel Betances also pushed the idea that Mexicans still believe that many states like Texas, California and Arizona still belong to Mexico, because of US imperialist expansion.

It's just outrageous that our tax dollars are being wasted in this way, all in the name of “encouraging diversity awareness” for government workers. How is this supposed to help these workers do their jobs and serve the taxpayers? It's disconcerting to hard-working Americans to know that their tax dollars are being used to fund such a wasteful program.