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More Foreign Aid to Egypt

One of John Kerry's first acts as Secretary of State is to follow through with yet another gift to the radical regime now running Egypt. Egypt's leadership under the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist organization -- will be the recipient of $250 million in foreign aid, part of a deal promised by the Obama administration in 2011. Here are some details from the New York Times:

The aid announced Sunday consists of two parts. One is a $190 million infusion for Egypt’s budget intended to address what Mr. Kerry said was the country’s “extreme needs.” That assistance has already been approved by Congress.

Mr. Kerry also pledged $60 million for the creation of a fund to support small businesses, which will provide “direct support to key engines of democratic change in Egypt, including Egypt’s entrepreneurs and its young people.”

Why the Obama administration insists on following through with this aid is beyond me. How can we be sure that this money will even be used to support small businesses? I suppose we are to trust Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who once referred to the Israeli people as “the descendents of apes and pigs, war mongers and blood-suckers.”

This just adds to the list of aid that we are giving to the radical Morsi regime. Keep in mind that by the end of this year, Egypt will be the recipient of 20 F-16s and 200 M1A1 Abrams tanks from the United States. Egypt is already the recipient of $1.3 billion in aid every year from the American taxpayers. Yet despite Mohammed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, becoming president, the United States continues to send aid and equipment with little question, only promises of reform. It's a little difficult to believe that rational reforms will be made in the interest of the Egyptian people by a man who believes Israelis – our closest allies in the region -- are the descendents of apes and pigs. That's not exactly rational. I think we're still being played for suckers here.