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More government waste

It's astounding the amount of wasted money that our government manages to spend on pointless projects.

CNS News has two more examples of outrageous spending.

First, we have the Department of Education which spent $20.3 million to fight “isms.” That's right, over the last three years we've spent over $20 million to help school boards fight “all of the –isms, like racism, ableism, orientation, etc.,” in our schools.

Then we have the TSA which spent $900 million – almost a $1 billion! – over the last five years on behavior detection officers. Their job is to detect terrorists in airports. Five years and $900 million later, they've detected zero terrorists. Zero. In light of this fact, the Government Accountability Office recommends that Congress put an end to this program. The technique of behavioral profiling isn't bad, but the private sector could do it a lot more effectively and less costly.

The government isn't good at a lot of things, but it has perfected the art of spending a lot of money on projects that don't necessarily gain us any return on investment.