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National Public Outrage

A secretly taped video released today shows NPR advertising executive Ronald Schiller denigrating Tea Party supporters and calling them “racist.”

James O'Keefe, a conservative activist, posted the secret video of NPR's Ronald Schiller today on his Project Veritas website. O'Keefe was behind a secretly recorded video of ACORN, which led to the grass-roots community organizing group being stripped of its federal funding in 2009.

In the latest video, Schiller tells people posing as Muslims that supporters of the Tea Party are "xenophobic" and "seriously racist, racist people" and that the Republican Party has been "hijacked" by the Tea Party. Public funding for NPR has been a hot topic the past few weeks as Congress looks for ways to cut down on spending.

“Why should we fund an organization like that?” Sean asked incredulously. “Can you imagine if a conservative was caught on tape saying something like this about l iberals? There is utter contempt among the left that they are utterly superior to everybody. They think they are above everybody. I have no doubt NPR has some wonderful programs. But we just can’t afford to pay for them anymore,” Sean said.