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New poll on ObamaCare Released

Fox News has released brand new polling data on a whole host of issues including ObamaCare:

By a large 47-11 percent margin, voters expect the 2010 health care law will cost them rather than save them money in the coming year …

The poll asks people to take an up-or-down vote on ObamaCare: 40 percent say they would vote to keep the law in place, while just over half -- 53 percent -- would repeal it.

But rather than trying to fix the law, or repeal it, the Obama administration has decided that its biggest problem is its sales pitch.

According to an analysis by the Associated Press, promoting ObamaCare across the nation is going to cost upwards of $700 million. The expensive national campaign includes publicity, marketing and advertising for the law.

So $700 million of your tax dollars is going to be spent convincing people that this terrible law isn't so terrible after all. Boy are we in for a rude awakening.