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News Round-up: State of the Union

Tune in today to hear about my experience last night at the State of the Union! Thanks again to Rep. Louie Gohmert for the invitation to join as his guest. This morning I also met with lawmakers in DC, and tonight on Fox I'll host a focus group of elected officials.

Obama's State of the Union address seems to have been met with a resounding thud (unless you are member of the elite liberal media). It was riddled with the expected falsehoods, liberal platitudes and regurgitated ideas we've heard for years. If Obama was hoping to rebound, sure up his image and get America inspired again, I don't think he managed to do so. The most inspiring part of the speech came near the end when he spoke of one of America's heros, Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg. He received, by far, the longest round of applause and deservedly so. America needs more heros like Cory; they are deserving of our respect and our support.

Here's a news round-up of information related to the State of the Union:


Did you miss Obama's address? Here's a transcript of the president's speech.

Want the shorter version? Here's the laundry list of the proposals Obama made.

Senator Mike Lee gave the Tea Party rebuttle. Here's the transcript and here's the video.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave the GOP response. Here's the transcript and video.

Senator Rand Paul gave his own response. Here's that video.

Fact checking:

The fact checkers were busy, trying to hold Obama accountable for his various claims.

Washington Post: Fact Checking the 2014 State of the Union address

USA Today: Fact check: Obama's State of the Union

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National Review: More Pinocchios for the President on Equal Pay

The Daily Caller: Obama again misleads about Obamacare in the State of the Union

Heritage Foundation: Heritage Experts Analyze President Obama's State of the Union Speech

Pundit reaction:

Charles Krauthammer on "Embarrassing" SOTU: "There Were So Many Old Chestnuts That Were Shown"

Charles Krauthammer: Obama's Admitting "He's A Failure" In SOTU

Howard Kurtz: State of the Union Media Verdict: Obama plays small ball with subdued speech

Ron Fournier: Good Speech, Modest Agenda, Diminished Leader

George Will: “There was a lot of gesture liberalism”

Executive Action:

As expected, Obama did threaten to act unilaterally, “with or without Congress,” to enact parts of his agenda. I talked at length about this yesterday on the program – Obama is trampling our Constitution by perverting his role within the executive branch. In his version of the Constitution, he claims the power to legislate as well.

During the State of the Union, this concept of executive power proved to be a partisan issue among those polled by Fox News' Frank Luntz. Democrats seem OK with the idea of Obama acting unilaterally while Republicans felt wildly the opposite. I wonder how those same Democrats would feel if a Republican president threatened to do the same. That's the danger of Obama's actions; he is changing the powers of the presidency for possible future corruption, no matter which party is in charge.

This isn't sitting well with many conservatives and Republicans.

Senator Ted Cruz says that Obama's disregard for the Constitution “threatens the liberty of every American.” He's absolutely right. Senator Cruz wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal yesterday on Obama's “imperial presidency,” describing his “pattern of lawlessness.” Last night only added to that pattern.

Here are a few other reactions to Obama's claim of executive authority:

Rep. Bachmann: 'He Declared Himself King Obama'

Rep. Gohmert: If Obama Intends To Legislate From Oval Office: 'It Is Wrong, it’s Unconstitutional'

McCain on Obama’s Executive Orders: ‘He Relies On’ Lengthy Court Battles

Congressional Republicans, by the way, are planning to take Obama to court over his unconstitutional propensity to side-step Congress. The integrity of our Constitution, checks and balances, and our institutions is at stake.

Liberal Media Response:

It's no surprise that the Obama-mania media would search for any excuse to praise Obama, even if his speech wasn't all that exceptional or his ideas weren't all that inspiring.

CNN contributor Alex Castellanos: Compares Obama's speech to sex

Maddow, Matthews: Applaud Obama’s ‘Masterful,’ ‘Moving,’ ‘Playful’ Address

NBC: Compares Obama’s Political Battles to Wounded Soldier’s War Injuries

NBC's Brian Williams: Hails Obama's 'Strong' SOTU, Boosts Obama's Record, 'Humor and Feistiness'

Chris Matthews: GOP 'Throwing Stones at the Window of the American Republic' Before Obama's 'Historic' Address

Paul Krugman: ObamaCare is a success story, knows he is one of the most consequential presidents

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