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No Benghazi accountability

It has been almost a year since the attacks of September 11, 2012 and this administration has yet to hold anybody really accountable for the death of four Americans.

Last year, Hillary Clinton put four mid-level State Department employees on administrative leave, in response to the attacks in Benghazi. These employees collected their salaries as the Administrative Review Board investigated Benghazi. One of them ended up resigning, but – as of today – they have officially been reinstated. One of these mid-level employees claimed to be a 'scapegoat' in the shallow attempt of the State Department to make it seem as though some action had been taken to hold people accountable. With these employees returning to work, not one person has truly been held accountable for the attacks and the death of four Americans. Susan Rice even got promoted!

Should we consider this a trend that this administration likes to pin the blame on mid-level (Benghazi) or low-level (IRS) employees? Amazing how many rogue bureaucrats are responsible for so much wrong-doing in our government, isn't it? Meanwhile, high level officials are left virtually unscathed. This is how the government wants it to be.

There's a reason why we STILL have not heard publicly from people on the ground that night in Benghazi; Just recently we learned that over 30 CIA officers were in Benghazi the night of the attack and we've yet to hear their stories. In fact, the government is actively working to cover up their stories, changing their names in the hospital and by subjecting them to regular lie detector tests about whether or not they had blabbed about the issue. The FBI has stonewalled reporters like Sharyl Attkisson for months, and she was recently denied all document requests made into Benghazi.

Perhaps the person who has been punished out of all of this is Greg Hicks, the US diplomat who became the highest ranking official in Libya once Chris Stevens was killed. If you will recall during his testimony in May, coming forward as a whistleblower he claims that his career has suffered as a result. I'm unsure of his current status, however it wouldn't surprise me that whistleblowers end up punished while those directly responsible are protected or promoted.

Stonewalling, scapegoats, no accountability – sounds like a “phony” scandal within the self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history!

By the way, to this day Reuters is still peddling the lie that the attack in Benghazi was the result of a protest over a YouTube video. Is that not amazing? Either they are desperately trying to carry the water for this administration or they are woefully ignorant. Either way, it's just pathetic.