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Nobody wants ObamaCare

Nobody is begging for ObamaCare because of its amazing cost or coverage. The only people who are fervently pushing for ObamaCare are those seeking power and their names in the history books.

Not only are the unions complaining about ObamaCare, but yesterday we learned that our own IRS Commissioner doesn't even want ObamaCare coverage. During a committee hearing yesterday on ObamaCare and the IRS, Danny Werfel told the members, “I can speak for myself, I would prefer to stay with the current policy that I’m pleased with rather than go through a change if I don’t need to go through that change.” Join the club, Mr. Werfel! There are millions of Americans who would like to keep their current health insurance, as they were promised by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. There are also millions of Americans who would prefer to keep their job, their hours or simply any healthcare coverage at all, but all of those things are being effected by ObamaCare. Remember that the IRS plays a key role in the implementation of ObamaCare and it has to hire thousands of new employees to enforce it. Rep. Tom Price of Georgia has introduced a bill that would prevent the IRS from implementing and enforcing ObamaCare. Naturally, Obama has already said that he would veto such legislation.

But the guy in charge of enforcing ObamaCare at the IRS isn't the only one who is upset about switching health insurance. Congressional staffers were so upset by the potential shift in their healthcare coverage that the president himself took on the challenge earlier this week of coming up with a solution. The result? Congressional staffers essentially get a waiver! While you average Americans will be forced to deal with any of the potential fallout from shifting to ObamaCare, staffers on Capitol Hill won't have to worry about their own healthcare costs rising. According to a report in the Politico: “The Office of Personnel Management, under heavy pressure from Capitol Hill, will issue regulations saying that the government can continue to make the employer contribution to the health plans of members and aides, according to several Hill sources.” In other words, we the taxpayers will subsidies the costs for Congress to move into ObamaCare exchanges.

So while the administration is busy making exceptions for Congress and big business, who is stuck having to deal with ObamaCare as it was originally passed? Individuals and small business owners! I've chronicled the reports of how rates will be rising around the country, by more than 100% in certain states. But did you also know that the Obama administration is engaged in some tricky math that may make ObamaCare unavoidable for more small businesses? A report today in the Washington Examiner explains that falling under the 50 employee threshold isn't as simple as just having 50 full-time workers. There is apparently a formula which counts a certain number of part-time workers as full-time, meaning that it is still possible to hit the 50 employee threshold with less than 50 full-time workers! According to a website created by the Small Business Administration, "Example: Company X has 40 full-time employees working 40 hours per week, along with 20 part-time employees working 15 hours per week. The 20 part-time employees are counted as 10 full-time equivalent employees. Company X has 50 full-time employees and is subject to the employer shared responsibility provisions." In other words, ObamaCare strives to nail small businesses while making exceptions for Congressional staff members in Washington DC. Truly an outrage.