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North Korea's Provocation

The provocation from North Korea continues today as it moves missiles to its East Coast. This comes just one day after the state-run media in North Korea reported that the country had final approval for a nuclear attack, which it described as “merciless.” The White House National Security Council responded by labeling the threats “unhelpful” and “unconstructive.” Meanwhile, what did our president have to say about this nuclear declaration? Well … nothing. Last night he was at a high-priced fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in San Francisco, pushing for gun control and yearning for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker once again. Those issues won't much matter if North Korea's bellicose dictator Kim Jong Un decides to pull the trigger.

While the White House is verbally trying to downplay the matter, as a response, the United States has sent over B-52s along with an advanced missile defense system to Guam. But as expressed in the Wall Street Journal today, the United States is “stepping back” from its original playbook on the matter, concerned that a well-publicized show of force by the United States would provoke Kim Jong Un to act. Instead, the administration is asking North Korea to tone down the rhetoric. I'm sure that request will fall on the deaf ears North Korea's new, eager and erratic dictator.

What I believe we are seeing here is yet another nation that does not take the United States and Barack Obama seriously. Why should they? Obama has allowed the Chinese to hack into our systems with virtually no response. Russia flies nuclear-tipped bombers over Guam on the night of Obama's State of the Union address, and the United States doesn't do anything about it. One of the first things Obama did when he became president was to end plans to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. This comes after years of Obama out-right saying that he doesn't agree with a missile defense system and pledging to slash funding for it once he became president. Now this is the very same technology that we are having to use in Guam to deter the North Koreans.

The continued display of weakness and Obama's unwillingness to respond in some fashion when we are provoked only emboldens our enemies. Obviously we do not want to go to war, but consider the way nations have already “tested” us, consider our lack of any response, and imagine how that looks to countries like Iran. Perhaps Obama could stand to revisit Reagan's message of “peace through strength.”