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North: "We Lack a Commander-In-Chief Who Will Lead"

Colonel Oliver North, the man whose family was targeted for assassination by Libyan dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi, joined Sean to talk about that experience and why it’s so important to send the right message to the world’s militant dictators.

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“The Rebels had Qaddafi on the ropes,” questioned Hannity, “If we were going to take any action that was the time and not when he’s pretty much beaten back any opposition he’s going to have.” Col. North quickly laughed and sarcastically said, “Thank God the leader of the free world, Nicolas Sarkozy, stood up and did the right thing.”

North quickly added to that, “We lack a Command-in-Chief who can lead and successful operation of simply supporting the Libyan people who are trying to oust a brutal despot who’s brutalized them for forty years.”

President Obama had a clear opportunity to join the world leadership and yet he waivered and now seems as though he’s bringing the United States into a follower’s role within the international community. That’s certainly not a place where we belong.