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Not a Flashback: Obama Jobs Tour

After his big policy initiatives have failed and his poll numbers are dropping, Obama has decided to return to … the economy!

This week he will be traveling to Texas “to kick off a new focus on the middle class and economic growth,” according to the Washington Post. Kick off? A new focus? Didn't he claim to be focused on the middle class throughout his entire campaign? Didn't his administration “pivot” to jobs countless times in previous years? The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama doesn't have a clue how to grow our economy. If he did, then we wouldn't be where we are today.

I find it laughable that Obama is going to Texas for his focus on economic growth. While he absolutely has picked the right state, the policies in Texas that make it successful run entirely counter to Obama's national agenda! Texas has zero income taxes; Obama wants to increase taxes. Texas has a low regulatory burden; Costly regulations have increased under Obama, not to mention the regulations associated with ObamaCare. Texas has embraced our amazing energy resources; Obama won't even support obvious energy projects like the Keystone Pipeline. Texas has a balanced budget: Obama has added $6 trillion to our debt and his budget proposal never, ever balances.

I love how the Washington Post describes this trip as a “campaign-style jobs tour.” This is all this man can do – campaign! He is incapable of effectively governing, therefore he continues to campaign even as Commander-in-Chief.

The message of this tour is clear: Obama will blame the current economic climate on Congress. Just take a look at what Josh Earnest, deputy White House press secretary, said Sunday about the Texas tour: “Even though some in Congress are determined to create more self-inflicted economic wounds, there are things Washington could be doing right now to help American businesses, schools and workers.” This is all a part of the strategy, which I've told you about for months: In 2014, Democrats will be running against a “chaotic” Republican Congress that is incapable of getting things done. What they won't tell you, and what most low-information Americans likely don't even realize is that Democrats still control the Senate!

I don't expect much to happen for our economy with Obama's “new focus” on the middle class.