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Obama And The Middle Class

Barack Obama is officially on his summer vacation. He is staying in a $7.6 million mansion in Martha's Vineyard, which is owned by a private equity guru who was one of Obama's inaugural donors in 2013. Today we learned that BO, the Obama's dog, couldn't make the initial trip to Martha's Vineyard, so he was flown in separately on a MV-22 Osprey. Katie Pavlich reports that according to the Government Accountability Office, “it costs $11,000 per hour to fly an Osprey,” which is typically used for military operations. It doesn't get much more ridiculous than this!

Meanwhile, Obama pened an Op-Ed which appeared in today's Boston Herald about the need to build up the middle class – Says the man who just had his dog fly separately on a military aircraft to vacation with his family in a multi-million dollar mansion. Obama says we need to “secure a better bargain for middle-class families” and “to make sure that anyone who works hard can get ahead in the 21st century economy.” I highly doubt that Obama has considered three things:

1. It's difficult to take him seriously about the pressing needs of the middle class when he himself lives like a king. Not to mention that his ideas are neither unique nor proven to actually lead to economic growth and opportunity for the middle class.

2. Perhaps Americans aren't looking for security (which could be easily provided in communist nations) but opportunity and freedom to take risks in their individual pursuits. Since when did it become the government's job to make sure that everyone is “secure?”

3. It's a liberal utopian fantasy to say that everyone who works “hard” should automatically be guaranteed to get ahead in life. Working hard it admirable and everyone who does so should have the opportunity to get ahead, but that doesn't guarantee that everyone will. If it did, then are we no better than societies where equal outcomes generally equate to mediocrity rather than innovation?

Perhaps its no wonder that after his press conference on Friday, on his way to his luxury vacation, Obama's approval ratings dropped again to the lowest level since 2011. Americans aren't buying his lines about “phony scandals” and his feigned desire to bolster the middle class with the same, tired liberal ideas that have kept our economy stagnant for years.

The fact is that while Obama vacations on the island for the rich and famous, millions of families are preparing to go back to school. The only problem is that their wages haven't grown, cost of living is higher, taxes went up this year (2% payroll tax increase), and gas prices are soaring. This has resulted in a slow start for the back-to-school shopping season. Americans are still struggling to make ends meet, and yet Obama is still stressing over the need to invest in roads and bridges.