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Obama-Mania Media Hypocrisy

Let’s highlight the coverage, or lack thereof, of the Bob Menendez sex scandal in the mainstream media.

At least as of yesterday, ABC has completely ignored the story. But even if the mainstream media IS covering it, consider the slant of their coverage. At this point, NBC seems set on covering the Menendez story as a “false attack.” No doubt that attack came from the “enemies” of the right-wing blogosphere.

Consider the difference between the mainstream media’s reluctance to cover this story of a Democrat’s sexual allegations, compared to conservatives. The Media Research Center has some telling numbers …

- In only eight and a half days, NBC, CBS and ABC have devoted a staggering 99 stories to sexual harassment charges against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

- ABC filed an astonishing 152 stories about Mark Foley in just the first 12 days of his 2006 scandal involving lewd messages with congressional pages.

The hypocrisy is stunning.