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Obama Pushes “Chaos” Narrative

Barack Obama has only himself to blame for the current sequestration stand-off in Washington. While you likely won't hear it reported in the Obama lap-dog media, the sequester was his idea. While perhaps Obama was genuine in believing that sequestration would never get to this point, he is now willing to use it to his political advantage. There are two reasons for this, both of which result in a political “win” for Obama.

The first reason why Obama is willing to push sequestration to this limit is because of his irrational need to raise taxes. Understand this: Barack Obama does not want to increase taxes in order to cut the debt, deficit or the size of government. This is simply lip service he is paying to mask his true agenda of growing the size of government and increasing government spending. While claiming that cutting spending this year by $85 billion will spell the apocalyptic end to our nation's prosperity, jobs and safety, he is proposing a new stimulus plan to spend $50 billion on federal construction projects for highways, bridges, railways and ports. This guy isn't serious about getting spending under control. What he IS serious about it robbing your children and grandchildren in order to pay for his big government schemes, while convincing Americans that we need to “make the rich pay their fair share” and “spread the wealth around” in order to fund these plans. Now, you and I know that the math simply doesn't add up. There is simply not enough wealth that could possibly pay for Obama's agenda. But that doesn't really matter to him, does it? What matters is punishing the wealthy. His insistence in closing loopholes and deductions proves this, even after getting his tax rate hikes and ObamaCare tax increases.

The second reason that Obama has been on a demagogic rampage on this issue is because it plays into the Democrat strategy for the 2014 elections. Let me point you to a Politico headline from January 3, 2013: “Dems to run against 'chaos' in '14.” Here's the opening paragraph:

Democrats, facing a challenging fight to retake the House of Representatives in 2014, see a promising new line of attack rising out of the fiscal cliff follies: casting the Republican congressional majority as a terminally dysfunctional body that cannot perform the basic functions of government, let alone lead the country through difficult times.

It's pathetic that the Democrats would seek to cast the Republicans as dysfunctional when they themselves have failed to pass a constitutionally required budget in the Senate in nearly 1400 days. But it also explains why Barack Obama is desperately trying to cast the Republicans as the problem here, without ever mentioning the facts: Sequestration was Obama's idea and the Republicans in the House have passed, not one, but two plans to try and avert it. Yet it is the Republicans who are dysfunctional? Only through the prism of Obama's demagoguing is that the case, and it seems the Obama-Mania Media is willing to play along and report Obama's slanted tale as truth. In their coverage of Obama's sequestration speech on Tuesday, the major networks parroted Obama's “dire language” yet failed to mention that Obama himself was the one who proposed the now “dire” plan.

All of this fear-mongering on the part of the President is adding to the narrative that the Democrats will use in 2014. They will use this as an example of Republicans incapable of “compromising.” They will say that Republicans took us to the brink of Armageddon just to protect special interest loopholes for rich people. We will know the facts about what has really happened here, but will most of the American people in 2014?