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Obama's 12 front war on America

The number one radio commentator isn’t the only Limbaugh with some bold and hard hitting opinions on our current president. David Limbaugh’s new book “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic” comes out today debuting exclusively on both Sean’s radio and TV programs. This book looks at not only Obama’s failed policies, but contends Obama is waging a multi-front war on America…twelve wars to be exact:

  • Chapter One: The War on America
  • Chapter Two: The War on the Right
  • Chapter Three: The War on the Disobedient
  • Chapter Four: The War on Our Culture and Values
  • Chapter Five: The War on the Economy
  • Chapter Six: The War on Our Future
  • Chapter Seven: The War on Oil
  • Chapter Eight: The War on Other Energy Sources
  • Chapter Nine: The War on Business
  • Chapter Ten: The War on America’s National Security
  • Chapter Eleven: The War on Guns: Operations Fast & Furious
  • Chapter Twelve: The War on the Dignity of His Office

These twelve chapters show how he has failed society, and caused distress for many Americans. Ultimately, “The Great Destroyer” reveals how Obama and his administration has led our country astray and denied the principles of our founding fathers.