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Obama's America

There's a new CBS poll which shows that eight out of every ten Americans are unhappy with Washington, with nearly 30% of those people going so far as to describe themselves as “angry.” That number has risen dramatically since the re-election of Barack Obama and coincides with a big drop in Obama's approval rating.

Can you blame them? While the Obama's jet around the country, taking one vacation a month, millions of Americans are still suffering and there is little hope in sight!

- There are 20 million more Americans on food stamps today than when the Anointed One became president, totally nearly 50 million Americans receiving food stamps.

- One out of every six Americans is in poverty.

- We have a record number of people collecting disability checks. In fact, a new six-month investigation into our disability program found: “The federal government spends more money each year on cash payments for disabled former workers than it does on food stamps and welfare combined; America’s two largest disability programs, including health care for disabled workers, costs taxpayers $260 billion a year.” The program will run out of money by 2016, according to Social Security's chief actuary.

- On the jobs front, Mort Zuckerman has a damning indictment of Obama's failed recovery in his latest piece in the WSJ: The Great Recession Has Been Followed by the Grand Illusion. In it, he points out that our real unemployment rate is between 14-15%, and the jobs that are being created are in the part-time, low wage category. Meanwhile, our labor force participation rate is at an all-time low, while long-term unemployment numbers went up. This is not a recovery. This is a failure.

- To make matters worse, the CBO is now projected that full unemployment will never be achieved under Barack Obama. Ever. As CNSNews points out, “That would make Obama the only American president during the post-World War II era who never presided over a year in which the U.S. economy offered full employment to the American people.” That's outrageous! No wonder the American people are angry.

- To top it all off, Americans and businesses are facing the looming impacts of ObamaCare, which will only add more costs, more regulations and more federal debt. A brand new study shows that insurance companies will have to pay an average of 32% more for medical claims under ObamaCare. For some states, increases could go even higher: “By 2017, the estimated increase would be 62 percent for California, about 80 percent for Ohio, more than 20 percent for Florida and 67 percent for Maryland.” Obama said that his healthcare plan would bring down the cost for an average family by $2,500. Either he was woefully misled or he simply lied. Either way, now it is struggling Americans and businesses that have to pick up the tab for his political ideology of universal healthcare.