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Obama's economic approval rating tanks

How's that pivot back to the economy working out for the president?

Over the last month or so, I've chronicled Barack Obama's transparent pivot back to jobs. He's made a series of campaign-style speeches claiming that we need a “grand bargain for the middle class.” In these speeches, he proposed absolutely nothing new in terms of economic ideas or ways to get job creation going again. Instead he resorted to his tired ideas of spending more taxpayer dollars on government projects and playing the class warfare card.

Obama pivoted back to jobs in June. This was something like his 18th pivot. It's absurd. But when he began this renewed focus on the economy, his economic approval ratings were at 42%. Now his economic approval rating has dropped seven points to 35%. In fact, according to this Gallup poll tracking, the issues where Obama saw the biggest drop in approval were all related to the economy: The economy, taxes and the federal budget deficit.

So what's happening here?

The media goes to great lengths to try and cover for him, touting our unemployment rate, for example, as a measure of success. But Americans know the real story of what's happening – Fewer Americans are working today than there were when Obama was inaugurated, people have simply given up looking for work, millions are underemployed and many of the jobs being created are part-time jobs versus full-time careers (much thanks to ObamaCare).

But for years Obama has managed to escape the blame for his failed recovery. Until now. I believe that these scandals have effected how people see Obama. Trying desperately to claim himself to be an outsider or ignorant of so many elements of these scandals became frustrating and almost comical. People began to see Obama as nothing more than another member of the hypocritical, political DC elite that they have come to despise. If we start to doubt him in so many other ways because of these scandals, why should we have any confidence in him when it comes to the economy?

I also believe that the oncoming train wreck of ObamaCare has reflected poorly on him because it is causing such anxiety amongst the American people; And with a name like “ObamaCare” it is impossible to separate Obama from the bill.