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Obama's Energy Dependence!

Sean played a clip of a congressional hearing where Dan Burton (R-IN), grills Hilary Clinton on the concept of energy independence, saying we are continuing and increasingly dependent on foreign energy, impeding the United States’ ability to become energy independent.

In true Hilary fashion, she doesn’t back down…”There is a lot that can be done right now that will make us energy efficient and I think some of the short term decisions that are being made by the Congress undermine our march for energy independence.” Really Hilary, placing blame on Congress? The Congress that has been in office for just barely two full months?

Sean notes that it is Obama who has banned drilling everywhere he can. He promised he’d build new nuclear energy plants…nope…instead he’s allocated billions to phony green energy products which are useless and have accomplished nothing.

The political instability in the Middle East is just the latest scary realization come to life that if we do not gain energy independence their turmoil will blow up in our face and gas prices will spike.

Since Obama has been inaugurated and joined forces with the left’s environmental extremists the price of oil has now tripled. That dependence is the single greatest national security issue we have.

Sean tramples on the assumption the “Obama mania media” has put forth that the uprisings are to blame for gas prices rising saying “it shouldn’t matter! The single biggest cause for oil prices is refusal of this president and recent congress to develop our own energy sources. Period.”