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Obama's failing green agenda

Fox News has a report on a new government audit related to electric cars and Obama's failing green agenda.

β€œThe audit found that a California company was given more than $100 million in taxpayer funds by the federal government to establish a network of electric car charging stations.”

Was there $135 million worth of demand for electric car charging stations? Hardly. Obama made the liberal, lofty goal of 1 million electric cars by 2015. But was that based on actual market demand? Of course not!

Yet the San Francisco-based company – ECOtality – was given the money for the project anyway, and it has been fraught with problems from the beginning.

But guess who happens to sit on the board of ECOtatity? The former chief of staff for ex-Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

Do liberals really think that using taxpayer money to fund products that nobody wants is going to lead to a viable, growing economy? No wonder our economy and our government is in the shape its in.

(Fox News)