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Obama's never-ending speech

Yesterday, Barack Obama kick-started his renewed class warfare campaign with a long, drawn-out speech on the middle class. I was initially expecting the speech to be a “pivot” back to jobs and the economy, but that really wasn't what we ended up hearing. Instead, we saw Obama pivot back to his tired, worn-out cliches on class warfare and inequality.

The speech lasted over an hour – an hour! – and yet Obama had literally nothing new to say. All that time he wasted rehashing the same platitudes and bumper stickers that we have heard for over five years now. One hour is apparently the time it takes this president to explain why we need another economic recovery and then blame the current pathetic recovery on anyone other than himself. The ability of this man to distance himself from responsibility is astounding. He blames Washington for not focusing on the economy. Um, has anybody informed Obama that he IS Washington? The ability to paint himself as the “outsider” no longer exists. He's been president for over four years now. Did he forget about his first term? Are we supposed to pretend that that didn't exist? Are we supposed to pretend like Obama didn't have a Democrat majority in Congress when he was first elected and got his precious stimulus bill AND ObamaCare? The stimulus bill failed to turn the economy around, as he promised, but that is no surprise to those of us who understand that big government spending programs are not the solution to grow our economy. And ObamaCare is now having a profound impact on our economy, and yet somehow it is the Republicans' fault with this “mis-information campaign” that businesses are reacting negatively to the uncertainty, costs and mandates associated with ObamaCare?

It's truly unbelievable that this president had the audacity to stand up yesterday and speak for an hour, offering no new plans and yet taking no responsibility for the state of our economy. Instead what he did is that he tried to divide America. If you listened to his speech, you will notice that Obama referred many times (I count five) to the idea of inequality in this nation. He tries to paint opportunity to move up the ladder of success as something that is becoming harder to do. He enables those who feel like victims, rather than encouraging them to use the amazing amount of resources available to get ahead. He also gives those victims a scapegoat: The rich. Obama wants the poor to believe that the reason they are poor is because the rich have taken a bigger piece of their pie. That's utter nonsense and it is that type of rhetoric that will continue to divide America. The dirty secret that Obama doesn't talk about is that it is possible to bake a bigger pie! The problem is that Obama doesn't know how to do that, as we've seen by this pathetic recovery over the last few years.

In less than one week, Obama managed to take opportunities to rise above politics and bring this nation together and instead he squandered them. He did it last week with his remarks on Trayvon Martin and race and he did it yesterday with his remarks on the middle class and opportunity. It goes to show that the man who ran for president in 2008 on the idea of hope and change was nothing but a fraud. Since taking office, he has become divisive and polarizing. He ran as a uniter and yet his presidency will be defined by division.

Do you think we will ever again see a president who is capable of rising above partisan politics, or are we forever a nation drifting further and further apart?