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Obama's Poll Numbers Tumble

For many years, it has felt as though Barack Obama has been cloaked in impenetrable body armor – From his likeability to the lapdog media, Obama's failures and missteps rarely seemed to affect his poll numbers. It was as if he could do no wrong. Well after weeks and weeks of scandals, cracks in his armor are finally starting to show.

Benghazi whistleblowers shattered the administration's false narrative and called into question the political motivations of the administration at the expense of the truth and safety for those serving our country.

The IRS scandal validated the fears of many Americans that their own government was targeting them based on their political beliefs; A fear that was once relegated to the fringes of the conspiracy theory spectrum.

The AP/James Rosen snooping scandal on the part of the Department of Justice called into question our Constitution and our freedom of the press. It demonstrated how far this administration felt it could secretly go at the expense of our liberties. It also targeted one of the thickest layers of Obama's armor: The mainstream media.

The NSA scandal again confirmed the unspoken fears of many Americans: That our government is essentially spying (or has the capability to spy) on virtually every aspect of our lives. It also demonstrated the hypocrisy of a president who once railed against such practices and preached on the importance of protecting civil liberties.

Then we haven't even scratched the surface of the scandals involving the State Department, the EPA and ObamaCare.

After all of that, we are finally beginning to see Obama's approval rating decline. According to a brand new CNN/ORC poll, Obama's approval rating has dropped eight points in the last month. His approval rating stands at its lowest point in eighteen months at just 45%. Obama's disapproval rating is now at 54%. On the issue of trust, Obama's ratings have tanked by 9 points, hitting the lowest level of his presidency with just 49% of Americans believing he is honest.

Why the loss of confidence in Obama? Because into the empty-vessel of the relatively unknown Barack Obama, millions of Americans once poured their hopes and desires of what our government could be and what politicians could aspire to become. Obama is not a leader he is a salesman; He's the greatest salesman who convinced Americans that he would be different and that he would change the course of this country. Instead, we've come to learn that Obama isn't much different than previous administrations in many ways. Even the man who once stood on the cusp of the moment “when the rise of the ocean began to slow and the planet began to heal” has proven to be nothing more than a mortal man with poor leadership skills.

Obama's strange, hands-off approach of saying one thing and doing another, being ignorant of mind-blowing issues swirling around his administration, and his overall unwillingness to take responsibility for anything has led many people to wonder exactly what this president does and what he truly stands for. The Wall Street Journal and others have pointed out his detachment, which for a long while has served to benefit his personal poll numbers, even as our economy painfully struggles to recover and scandal engulfs his administration. Finally it seems we have come to a point where people are ready for Obama to stand up and take the lead. But that's not what's happening, and that I believe that is what is ultimately leading to the decline in his poll numbers. He's absent. He can only claim ignorance for so long.

Imagine your frustration if you worked at a company where your boss did a lot of talking, none of the work, and then if something went right he would go on to claim how “I” did this and “I” did that, and if something goes wrong he either claims ignorance or blames someone else. It shows a lack of character. It shows a lack of credibility and integrity. Soon the workers become antsy and frustrated. The good news is that unlike your options in the workplace, in America we have the ability to change our political leaders through the ballot box. We just have to make sure that we aren't fooled again like many people were in 2008.

Until then, the Obama administration cannot escape these scandals. He will try his best to make us chase rabbits – Immigration, gun control, the positive impacts of ObamaCare – but the real power will lie in the lapdog media. They can continue to hold this administration's feet to the fire on these scandals, or they can conspire with Obama's propaganda team to divert our attention.