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Obama Says Budget Extensions "Irresponsible"

President Obama said at a press conference Friday that short-term extensions to fund the government are "irresponsible" - even as another one appears to be on the horizon. The president also said that he’s trying to enact entitlement reform.

“He hasn’t tackled entitlement reform,” Sean fumed, “Not once. He hasn’t done anything and he just presented his budget.” The president talked about making painful cuts to the budget as well. “The Democrats haven’t proposed any painful cuts. They’ve increased spending by twenty-five percent in two years.” How can the president talk about being serious about the debt and living within our means if he’s given us nearly five trillion dollars in new debt?

“Spending is just out of control. Obama was the one who pushed through Obama Care against the will of the people and then stuck in the funding for this thing. How can he tell us that we need to live within our means if he’s done all of these terrible things? Why Mr. President do you say one thing and do another? The arrogance of this president knows no bounds – it’s becoming insufferable.”

To read a transcript of Obama’s press conference please click here.