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ObamaCare bombshells continue

Barack Obama's latest attempt at distraction is his renewed focus on wealth inequality and class warfare. This is nothing more than a painfully obvious attempt to distract us from the continuously terrible news associated with ObamaCare.

When I say “continuously terrible,” that is an understatement. It is down-right awful. Every single day, we don't just get stories but we get bombshell revelations about the latest failures associated with ObamaCare.

Let me give you an idea of some of the latest news.

Last night on Hannity we broke the news that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has just one face-to-face meeting with Barack Obama in the three and a half years leading up to the launch of ObamaCare. This analysis from the Government Accountability Institute points out that the president held 277 private meetings with other Cabinet secretaries, but the person in charge of implementing his chief legislative achievement apparently didn't make the cut.

Harry Reid has decided that some of his staff will remain exempt from entering into ObamaCare exchanges. Some of Reid's staffers will be allowed to remain on their federal insurance plans, unlike every other congressional leader in Washington including Nancy Pelosi.

In case you haven't heard, ObamaCare currently lacks the ability to pay insurers. They managed to build a website that is currently incapable of calculating how much the government owes insurers. The solution? Insurance companies are going to just make up numbers and submit them to the government manually. Eventually they will figure out the tab. Some are calling this a bailout of the insurance companies, that will still get paid despite the system being broken.

As a taxpayer, how do you feel about the fact that up to $11,378 per year could be spent for every member of Congress and their staffs to purchase health insurance plans that cover abortions? Just thought you should know how some of your tax dollars are being spent.

Barack Obama has lost major support for ObamaCare among his core constituents: young voters. Harvard University’s Institute of Politics poll found that a majority of Millenials do not support ObamaCare and believe it will raise their healthcare costs. Fewer than one-third say they are planning on enrolling in ObamaCare, which we know to be a HUGE problem for ObamaCare's cost models. In order to woe these young invincibles, the administration set up a video contest and the winner was just announced. The grand prize went to a young girl singing “Forget About The Price Tag.” Easier said than done with you are young, barely earning any money and yet forced to pay for something many don't even want, much less can afford.

It may be possible to be automatically enrolled in ObamaCare, even if you don't chose to be. The Daily Caller has a report on some people whose insurance is being automatically rolled into ObamaCare exchanges, if their plan doesn't meet new regulations.

The latest absurd idea to push ObamaCare came from Obama himself who suggested that bartenders hold happy hours to promote ObamaCare. Is this really what we've come to?

While we were busy eating turkey and visiting with family, the Obama administration was quietly finalizing new taxes associated with ObamaCare! According to the Washington Free Beacon, starting in 2014, health insurers with premium revenue over $25 million will be forced to pay a new Health Insurance Tax, which is expected to cost $60 billion over the next five years and raise costs by 3%.

This should be a real comfort to you: “The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has no system in place to prevent fraud when individuals apply for tax credits under ObamaCare, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).” Couple that with the reports I've been telling you about related to the non-existent security of