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ObamaCare Failures Continue to Spiral

Not a day goes by that we don't learn some sort of new, negative impact of ObamaCare.

After being sold as one of the pillars of ObamaCare's reform, the administration acknowledged just this week that it will be unable to provide affordable healthcare plans to small businesses on time. That, folks, is a big deal. When ObamaCare officially goes into effect, there will be no small business insurance marketplace where you can go and shop for premiums as promised. There will be only one plan. That's it! This is a big-time failure on the part of the Obama administration. During remarks in 2009 to a joint session of Congress on healthcare, Barack Obama said: “This exchange will take effect in four years, which will give us time to do it right.” I guess not! So the administration can't come through on its part of the deal, yet Americans will have to start paying penalties to participate in a system that isn't even what we were promised?

Then we get this amazing news that when signing up for ObamaCare, if you fail to accurately project your future income, you could be hit with a surprise tax bill! Isn't that lovely? Here's how it happens. Those buying into ObamaCare receive a subsidy based on income. But … “the government doesn’t know how much money you’re going to make next year. And when you apply for the subsidy, this fall, it won’t even know how much you’re making this year. So, unless you tell the government otherwise, it will rely on the best information it has: your 2012 tax return, filed this spring. What happens if you or your spouse gets a raise and your family income goes up in 2014? You could end up with a bigger subsidy than you are entitled to. If that happens, the law says you have to pay back at least part of the money when you file your tax return in the spring of 2015.”

Nearly two-thirds of doctors are not going to sit around and become beholden to the federal government. Instead, they say that they will simply retire early. Why put up with the additional stress and constraints of ObamaCare?

Under the growing list of operations that would be paid for under ObamaCare, Medicare is now considering covering sex-change operations. Good grief.

All of the budget gimmicks, taxes and fees associated with ObamaCare are starting to unravel as well. Now we are seeing a huge, new federal albatross around the neck of America without the means to pay for it. So we have all the spending and none of the revenue. Don't worry though … you, the taxpayers, will ultimately pick up the tab.

So what has been the Obama administration's solution? A PR campaign to sell ObamaCare to the American people! Since before the passage of ObamaCare, support has been in the negative. That remains the case to this day, and the number of people who support government spending on healthcare has plummeted. So they've ginned up a massive marketing campaign, not to just enroll people in the plan but to change how Americans think about healthcare in this country. Articles about the marketing campaign explain, "Administration officials say they see an opportunity to change the national debate about health care. They want to get away from shouting matches about the role of government and start millions of practical conversations about new benefits that can help families and individuals." In other words, they are tired of people questioning the role of government in their lives and in their healthcare. They want people to accept it as a fact and then embrace its “benefits.”