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ObamaCare for Thee, Not for DC

Barack Obama hasn't become known for his bold style of leadership. Even the lapdog media has called him out on his seemingly passive role as president. He leads from behind on many issues. He is ignorant of the facts on many issues, like the IRS scandal: “I first learned about this from the same news reports that most people learned about this.” That has been a consistent theme with this president. Rarely does it seem that the president gets anything done himself, relegating his role to giving speeches and espousing propaganda without walking the walk.

But that wasn't the case last week. What issue was so incredibly pressing that Barack Obama himself backed away from the teleprompter and made his way to Capitol Hill? It was an issue so incredibly important that he had to become intimately involved in the negotiations.

The answer: Exempting Congress from ObamaCare.

That's right. Barack Obama personally became involved in saving Congress from his own, hideous law while leaving the rest of Americans to suffer under it. While parading around the country claiming Republicans are undermining the middle class, Obama personally intervened to save the Washington elite.

You can read the details of the decision here in the Wall Street Journal, but here's the bottom line: “At President Obama's personal request, the Office of Personnel Management decreed that the Members don't have to get off the gravy train after all.” While members will still have to enter into ObamaCare exchanges, these members will continue to receive healthcare subsidies to help offset the costs. Who will be paying for these contributions? You! The taxpayers will continue to make sure that Congress and its staff has access to affordable healthcare while you, the American people, are forced to suffer the increase in costs associated with ObamaCare.

Washington gets to play by a different set of rules because they are the ones creating the rules. This is an outrage.

But it gets worse. While a Republican effort to defund ObamaCare exists in Washington, it seems as though even Republicans aren't going to fight this decision. In fact, if you read reports like this, it seems as though Republicans were advocating for this exemption themselves. Only one Republican that I know of right now is upset that Washington gets an exemption and that person is Louisiana Senator David Vitter. I would hope there would be others. Barack Obama likes to divide Americans along various lines – Black versus white, 1% versus everyone else – but the real divide that is forming is between Washington DC and the rest of America.

Now it's time for the latest roundup of news related to the ObamaCare train wreck (in the word of Max Baucus). This is the train wreck that you will be forced to endure and pay for, while Congress gets a pass.

- Sarah Palin was once ridiculed for warning of ObamaCare death panels. Howard Dean recently came out, essentially validating Palin's concerns. Now more Democrats in the House and Senate are voicing their concerns as well, signing on to bills to repeal the board's power. (The Hill)

- Last week we learned from an official at the Department of Health and Human Services that anyone “lawfully present” in our country would qualify for ObamaCare subsidies … even if they are not citizens. (Breitbart)

- The list of insurance companies fleeing the ObamaCare exchanges continues to grow and now includes Blue Cross, Aetna, United, and Humana. (CNSNews)

- Securing our health data under these ObamaCare exchanges has become a point of concern. A recent report shows that the government is months behind in testing data security for the millions of people who sign up for ObamaCare health exchanges. The date to test the security of your information is now set for … one day before the exchanges go live on October 1st. (Reuters)

- According to the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services, the healthcare co-ops created by ObamaCare will likely run out of money before they even begin offering coverage. (Washington Examiner)

- The next victim of ObamaCare may be family insurance offered at small companies. (Houston Chronicle)

- The attempt to establish ObamaCare call centers to enroll people into the health exchanges has seen numerous setbacks including delayed training material, slow hiring and a computer system that is “nowhere near complete.” Oh and many of the people working at these very call centers will not receive healthcare benefits. (San Jose Mercury News)

- ObamaCare “navigators” who are tasked with helping Americans sign up for ObamaCare will now receive 33% less training because the government can't get its act together. (The Weekly Standard)

- Even CNN is reporting on where in America healthcare premiums will soar because of ObamaCare. (CNN Money)

- Some delusional Democrats are still holding on to false hope. Democrat Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas says “[ObamaCare] been an amazing success story so far.” (National Review)