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ObamaCare headlines

Can you believe that ObamaCare has been in effect for over two months, and yet it continues to dominate the headlines? That speaks to the overwhelming disaster this has become for this nation. It should also speak to the political disaster it will be for Democrats.

Here are some of the latest stories related to ObamaCare.

The House Oversight Committee has a report out today on ObamaCare navigators. According to Rep. Darrell Issa, "poorly-trained Navigators gave consumers incorrect information about the health care exchanges, violated HHS rules and procedures, and even encouraged applicants to commit tax fraud in some instances." Also keep in mind that the possibility remains that these navigators have not undergone background checks and there is no way to check and see if they are certified.

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that the White House deliberately delayed enacting certain rules in order to avoid controversy before the 2012 election. Many of those rules were related to the environment, but some were also related to ObamaCare. While the administration would like us to believe these delays were just a coincidence, officials (former and current) say that these decisions were deliberate.

The Washington Post also reported that 50,000 to 60,000 paper ObamaCare applications have yet to be processed. This is in addition to those who have attempted to sign up online but yet to be processed. It's possible that January 1st will roll around and many Americans won't know if they are actually enrolled or not.

The Wall Street Journal cites the current ObamaCare troubles as just the beginning. Get ready for massive sticker shock, restricted networks, more IT failures, longer waits, fewer doctors, as well as “eligibility, coverage gap, billing, claims, insurer payment and patient information-protection debacles.”

The New York Times reports the problems that insurance companies are still having with enrollment data, despite what the administration is saying: “For each person who signs up, the government is supposed to send information electronically to an insurance company in a standard format known as an 834 enrollment transaction. In some cases, consumers selected a health plan at the federal website,, but the government did not notify the insurance company. In other cases, insurers received duplicate files for the same person, files for one person were sent to an insurer in another state, or the “relationship code” was wrong so that, for example, a man’s daughter was listed as his wife.” Other issues included problems with home addresses or listing children as the main subscribers. The Times goes on to say, “Insurers said that they had found many discrepancies and errors and that the government was overstating the improvements in”

The PR effort to sell ObamaCare continues, especially to young people. In California they've launched an education initiative on college campuses. Breitbart has a report of people pushing ObamaCare on shoppers at Footlocker and diners at Denny's around DC.

The effort to sell ObamaCare has been unable to change the perception of the law thus far. Politically, ObamaCare has become a bigger issue than just a failed website. Who knows if the Obama administration will attempt to alleviate more of the pain by making more unilateral changes or delays to the law. That is infuriating in and of itself and will still lead our healthcare system down a disastrous path, albeit more slowly.