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ObamaCare, Here We Go

Can you believe that we are just one day away from the ObamaCare train wreck going into effect? Enrollment in the exchanges starts tomorrow, even with a government shutdown.

The kickstart of the ObamaCare exchanges will begin, despite their obvious failings. They are in no way ready for primetime, but that's not really the point here is it? On the eve of ObamaCare, let's go through some of the latest pitfalls … what a mess.

- The Daily Caller has a list of 10 states where Obama's “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it” promise no longer applies: Ten states where Obamacare wipes out existing health care plans.

- According to Joseph Curl of the Washington Times, “This week, the Obama administration announced that small businesses won’t be able to enroll online until November. They’ll still have to sign up, of course; they just can’t do it online. The Health and Human Services Department offered this helpful guidance: Sign up by fax.”

- The Wall Street Journal reports on the last-minute snags associated with ObamaCare's rollout: “Nonprofit groups and brokers that will help enroll consumers in the marketplaces, known as exchanges, say they haven't yet had a chance to preview the systems. Technical problems have limited certification for some nonprofit workers involved. And some of these groups say they haven't fully staffed up for the influx … At the vanguard of the nationwide scramble are government information-technology experts who have been camping out near Herndon, Va., to help a contractor there catch last-minute software hitches that could block some consumers from enrolling in the marketplaces.”

- The New York Post has a piece today explaining how experts fear an ObamaCare rate “spiral”: “New Yorkers will pay less than they used to for individual health insurance under ObamaCare — but they better not get used to it, because steep increases are on the way and the choice of doctors will be limited, critics warn.”

- And then we can't forget about the running list kept by Investors Business Daily of businesses that have cut hours or staffing levels due to ObamaCare. There are over 300 listed thus far.

In the end, millions of Americans will remain uninsured. A newly released Gallup poll found that 25% of uninsured Americans would rather pay the fine than deal with ObamaCare.

The latest description of ObamaCare is that it is being held together with nothing more than “duct tape and chicken wire.” That's according to Republican Sen. John Barrasso. Because of descriptions like this, some Republicans continue to push this idea that ObamaCare will eventually collapse under its own weight. I find this hard to believe. With your tax dollars at their disposal, what is to stop the federal government from launching a never-ending campaign to save their flailing legislation? I'd also like to know the last time a government entitlement program has ever ended. This is why stopping the launch of ObamaCare was so crucial … because it becomes all the more difficult to see it ending once it is implemented.