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ObamaCare Implementation Failures

The implementation of ObamaCare has been a failure on virtually every front.

We've chronicled the embarrassing technological failures of these exchanges.

We've highlighted the increased costs associated with ObamaCare premiums – A $10,000 swing from what Obama promised and reality.

We've talked about the impact ObamaCare regulations are having on jobs, businesses, hiring, and the economy.

And little has been more infuriating than Obama's random selection of which parts of ObamaCare to enforce and which parts to ignore or delay. For example, he decided to delay the employer mandate for big business, but left individuals and small businesses to bear the brunt of the burden.

Now we see that Obama is trying to throw a bone to the labor unions. In a potential deal on the debt limit/CR, unions could get a delay in the law's reinsurance fee for one year, which they claim with raise their healthcare costs.

So big businesses, Congressional staffers and unions get favored treatment while you and I are forced into ObamaCare. Unreal.

(The Hill)