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ObamaCare is a Train Wreck

When the majority of Americans don't like a bill, and the people who made it law admit it is a “train wreck,” why the heck are we wasting time and energy trying to implement it?

The disaster that is ObamaCare has continued to unravel. Last week, the Obama administration admitted to major setbacks in the implementation of ObamaCare.

The first was the delay of the employer mandate. If you will recall, any company with over 50 employees will be forced under ObamaCare to offer health insurance to full-time employees or face a penalty. Last week the administration determined that it wouldn't have the proper infrastructure in place to enforce this mandate, so it delayed it until 2015. There are a few interesting things to note related to the employer mandate delay.

- The White House tried to downplay the delay yesterday during its press briefing. Jay Carney said that the employer mandate delay would only affect a small portion of employers. Is that excuse supposed to make us feel better? If ObamaCare can't get its act together for a supposedly small part of the implementation process, then what does that say for the rest of ObamaCare?

- Then there is the whole question of whether or not Barack Obama is even legally authorized to make such a change. Then again, since when has Obama been concerned about following the law?

- Many pundits and analysts believe that the move was made for political purposes. Looking ahead, the 2014 midterm election will now come and go before this mandate is implemented. As many have pointed out: It wasn't the fear of the employer mandate implementation being a train wreck, but rather the goal of the administration to force as many people into the government exchanges as possible before the election. Why? Because the Democrats can then run on the idea that the Republicans want to take away your health insurance in 2014 and it will be more difficult to do that if more people are reliant on the government for that insurance.

- Then there is the impact that ObamaCare is having on jobs and our economy. The latest jobs report showed that we have more part-time workers than ever, and this is absolutely being influenced by ObamaCare. If Obama wants a chance to grow the economy before the midterm elections, he needs to put off the implementation of ObamaCare so as to coax employers into hiring in the meantime. Unfortunately for Obama, he doesn't understand that businesses are a lot smarter than that and they consider long-term projections. The fact is that the employer mandate is still going to go into effect, albeit delayed, and that will still have an effect on hiring between now and 2015. The second largest employer in the United States is now a temporary staffing agency (behind Wal-Mart) and I'll bet so long as ObamaCare is in place and our economy continues to struggle, those numbers will only continue to grow.

GOP leaders have sent a letter to Obama today, asking for further information on the delay of the employer mandate. You can read that request here. They want the administration to consider delaying the individual mandate as well.

But the delay of the employer mandate wasn't the only goodie that the Obama administration announced during the Holiday week. Now we get word that when entering into an ObamaCare health exchange, income and employment verification will be based on an “honor system.” In other words, you can claim any amount of income or employment status in order to receive a government subsidy because the government is not going to verify that what you claim is accurate. They have basically announced to all Americans that you can game the system and not get caught, at least for the first year. I would hope that Americans had more dignity than that, but there are plenty of people who have made a pretty penny off of scamming the government out of benefits (at taxpayer expense). ObamaCare will be no different.

The willingness of this administration to go forward with an “honor system” shows that its real goal isn't to properly implement the bill but to get as many people dependent on government as quickly as they can. Why? Because this will make it harder for Republicans to repeal ObamaCare. In other words, the Republicans need to act fast. Now is the time to focus on repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

Here are a few other important stories related to the ObamaCare train wreck.

- Take a look at this chart that is supposed to help clarify how ObamaCare works!

- As predicted, venture capital for medical-device startups is drying up due to ObamaCare's 2.3% tax on the industry. This effects our health and our economy.

- A computer glitch is now being blamed for limiting penalties for smokers under ObamaCare.

- Is ObamaCare creating a de facto two-tiered Medicaid system?