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Obamacare Outreach

The Obama administration is spending an astounding $910 million in California to set up its ObamaCare insurance exchange. Part of that money pays for an “outreach” campaign to get people to sign up.

California is expected to spend over $190 million through December of 2014 on ObamaCare “outreach.”

That leads to the next issue: Who exactly is being granted this tax money for this outreach? The answer is liberal groups! For example:

$2 million to the Service Employees International Union

$1 million to the LA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO

$600,000 to the California NAACP

$1 million to Community Health Councils, a California organization with a long history of political activism against fracking, for-profit hospitals, state budget cuts and oil exploration

Your tax dollars are being used to line the pockets of liberal groups, all in the name of ObamaCare awareness.

(Source: Using ObamaCare To Create A Permanent Democratic Majority)