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ObamaCare Tsunami

Over the weekend, Senator Ted Cruz told CNN's Candy Crowley that a “grassroots tsunami” is about to hit Washington. The issue will be over the defunding of ObamaCare.

The issue of defunding ObamaCare has become a litmus test for Republicans who are willing to fight for conservative principles and those who are only interested in maintaining their power and prestige in Washington. Ted Cruz acknowledged to Candy Crowley that he doesn't have the votes right now, meaning that there are still a lot of Republicans who do not support the plan to defund ObamaCare through the Continuing Resolution. This is a travesty. While literally every Republican will acknowledge that ObamaCare is a disaster, they aren't concerned enough to take a bold move and act on perhaps the last chance we have to dismantle it. If the exchanges are put in place on October 1st, the reality is that it will make it all that more difficult to get rid of the law. This is why defunding it before October 1st is so important.

But Republicans are scared. They are afraid that they will be the ones blamed for shutting down the government. If the media did an accurate job of reporting exactly what is happening, the people would understand that it would be Obama and the Democrats who are willing to shut down the government in an effort to save a bill that more than half the country hates! Obama and the Democrats will be left in a position of fighting for a bill that is causing companies to lay off workers, cut hours, and drop or change their existing healthcare coverage. Obama and the Democrats will be left in a position of defending increasing healthcare costs. Why shouldn't they be put in a position to own this bill that is entirely theirs, without a single Republican in support of it? The answer is two-fold: They are afraid of the powerful Democrat PR machine and they know that the media will gladly carry the water for the Democrat argument versus the reality.

For a long while, I've called Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio the rising stars of the Republican Party. Based on their leadership on this issue, I would no longer refer to them as rising stars but rather THE stars of the Republican Party. These guys are the future of a party that I could support; The others who are too scared to stand up and fight on this issue of ObamaCare will completely lose me. I think that a lot of Americans would agree with me. People are tired of Republicans being nothing more than watered-down versions of Democrats. The American people want representatives in Washington who will fight on the issues that truly matter and those are the issues that effect our freedoms and our liberty.

Howard Dean has joined the chorus of politicians and pundits lambasting Ted Cruz. I think the vocal outrage directed toward Cruz just goes to show that he is ruffling feathers and has Washington concerned. Dean says that “the American voters are going to throw these people out,” and by “these people” he means people like Ted Cruz. He also says that this will lead to a Democrat-controlled House in 2014. I believe entirely the opposite is true. I think that Ted Cruz and people like him will receive tremendous support from voters. I think Republicans could grow their majority in the House if more Republicans stand up and fight for conservative principles.