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Obamacare website company awarded additional contracts

The roll-out of the Obamacare exchanges has been an unmitigated disaster. We are far beyond “glitches” when it comes to the website, which cost taxpayers $634 million to build. But after spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a website that doesn't work, what is the logical next step?

To award even MORE money to the company that botched the site. According to Fox News:

“CGI Federal Inc, the company that created large parts of the error-plagued ObamaCare exchange website … has recently been awarded several other government contracts.

Since the ObamaCare exchange website launched on Oct. 1, government officials have signed at least five different agreements with CGI totaling $7 million, according to The contracts were for computer and software development at the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Commerce, and the Environmental Protection Agency.”

Only in the wacky world of government does it make sense to reward those who fail miserably.

SOURCE: Fox News