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Obamacare will Hurt in 2014

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is kidding herself if she seriously thinks that Obamacare will be a boost for Democrats in 2014. We are less than a year away from the next election, and it is hard to see how Obamacare will make such a miraculous turn-around in that time. Not to mention the fact that the lies surrounding Obamacare will continue to haunt the president and the Democrats who parroted them. Even the Washington Post points out, “President Obama likes to say he will never again be running for office, but every Democrat knows he will be on the ballot figuratively in 2014, and 2016, as well. Right now they are rightly nervous about that prospect.”

I agree with Reince Priebus who said over the weekend that Obamacare will be a “toxic” issue for the Democrats: “We will tattoo it to their foreheads in 2014. We will run on it. And they will lose because of it."

By the end of this week we are supposed to get our first official numbers on enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges. Based on anecdotal evidence and estimated numbers from the states, I can't imagine that it will be a proud moment for this administration. Remember that the success of Obamacare hinges on millions of enrollees within the first few months, and most of those have to be young, healthy Americans. That is far from what we are seeing thus far.

We have a few reports today that continue to demonstrate how much of a massive failure this rollout has been. In North Dakota, for example, only 30 people have signed up for Obamacare while over 30,000 have lost their current coverage! Only five people have signed up for coverage in DC. Breitbart points out that this means it cost the taxpayers an astounding $26.7 million per enrollee thus far for the site!

And what's amazing is that the worst may be yet to come. Based on a McClatchy analysis of estimates offered by HHS in 2010, the employer mandate could result in the loss of coverage for as many as 23 to 41 million Americans! Combined with those individuals losing coverage, over 50 million Americans total could lose their current insurance because of Obamacare. That's an outrage.

It's embarrassing that our government spent $634 million on a website that doesn't function. There are plenty of very smart people in this country who have the knowledge and capability to build websites for far less money, but yet this is what we can expect from the government – massive waste of money by bureaucrats who don't know what they are doing. CBS has a story about three 20-year-old guys in San Francisco who have managed to create their own alternative to Their website, created over a few nights, actually allows people to browse their options and their payments. The bottom line is that Obamacare's exchange rollout failed because it was buried under the weight of Washington's bureaucracy and politics. Rather than focusing on creating something efficiently with the user in mind, it was created through bureaucracy and with politics in mind.

Oh and by the way, it looks like the administration's promise that the website would be fully functional by the end of the month is going to be yet another broken promise. According to the WSJ, “In updates for reporters on Thursday and Friday, the Affordable Care Act's lead repairman Jeff Zients more or less conceded that the website three years in the making won't work until sometime after the end of this month.”

Beyond the website, the law itself remains a disaster. Did you know that the administration is considering a “fix” to Obamacare that could cost almost $1 trillion? You probably haven't heard much about it because the mainstream media is reluctant to cover a news item that would result in another broken Obama promise: that he wouldn't sign a plan that adds one dime to the deficit. But this latest plan being considered to expand Obamacare subsidies to those above 400% of the poverty line would result in increased costs.

Laura Trueman of the Heritage Foundation has come up with three more apologies that we should expect from Barack Obama, if he is going to be honest with the American people:

1. “I’m sorry that the cost of coverage — premiums, deductibles, and copayments — is going up for millions of Americans.”

2. “I’m sorry that people are finding less choice in types of coverage — instead of more — when they shop on the exchanges.”

3. “I’m sorry that young people have gotten a double whammy from this law: They are paying more for coverage and they will carry the tax burden of paying for all of Obamacare.”

I'm not holding my breath that the president will be forthcoming with any more apologies. Needless to say, his chief legislative achievement has been a failure and it is now associated with lies and deception.