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Officials Scramble to Review Emerging Afghan War Documents for 'Damage'

As if the release of more than 75,000 classified documents on the Afghanistan war weren't enough, the whistleblower group behind the leak said Monday that another 15,000 are on the way -- sending officials scrambling to screen the documents as they emerge for "potential damage" to U.S. security.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan told reporters Monday that the military takes the leak "very seriously" and is in the process of reviewing the information., the website that released the records, claims the full set is more than 91,000 pages -- Lapan said it could take "weeks" to review all of them as they are released.

"As they are made available, we will be looking at them to try to determine the potential damage to lives of our service members and our coalition partners, whether they reveal sources and methods and any potential damage to national security," he said.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said he released 76,000 documents and that the remaining 15,000 were being withheld pending further review. He said some would be released and others would be withheld until it is safe to release them.

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