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Oliver North: Heroes Proved

Benghazi Scandal Tightens Sean spent some time talking about Oliver North’s eerily predictive new book, “Heroes Proved,” which details a fictional scenario; it’s the year 2032 and the NRA has been outlawed, the military gutted and conservative Christians are labeled activists, the White House is occupied by a progressive regime who’s focused on the upcoming election,” began Hannity, “Where did you get all this from?”

“It starts out with a terror attack with an administration that lies about who did it, sound familiar,” laughed North, “I don’t have the gift of prophecy but I certainly hope the rest of this doesn’t come through.” “This is a wake-up call,” a more serious North explained, “Hopefully people will take some courage from this and reengage in this process because what’s happening in this world, not just in that novel, is very dangerous.”

During the Thanksgiving holiday, if you haven’t already, you should definitely check out Colonel North’s book, “Heroes Proved” and let it be an entertaining glimpse into what America’s future could be if we’re not careful in the decisions we make.

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