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Outrageous! Chris Matthews

It's a new year, but some pundits are already recycling old material. While many of his MSNBC colleagues have run into recent trouble – Alec Baldwin, Martin Bashir – Chris Matthews consistently manages to escape scrutiny.

Matthews' first rant of the year was an over-the-top comparison of Republicans to racists of the Jim Crow days. Here's what he had to say:

“If only the people who voted in 2010 show up this November, you can kiss all this goodbye … it will mean Republican control of both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

And with that, a slow-grinding effort to kill not just the president’s healthcare plan but his presidency itself and the legacy it promised. It will be a double-downing of efforts to suppress the votes of those who voted for him in historic numbers – a return to something like Jim Crow days with all of the anti-black gimmickry of that time: literacy tests, poll taxes and all the rest.

The goal will be to erase, not just Obama, from the history books, but any evidence that someone of his background should ever think of being president. It will mean victory for the haters.”

When Matthews refers to the people who showed up to vote in 2010, you can assume that he is specifically referencing the Tea Party. I would challenge anyone to show me an legitimate example of any Tea Partier expressing racist or anti-black policy proposals. Just because some Americans do not agree with Barack Obama doesn't make them racists, it just means that they recognize how his liberal policies are destroying the country they so dearly love.