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Outrageous: Chris Matthews

It's standard procedure for someone at MSNBC to attack Republicans and conservatives. Among the most frequent critics is Chris “thrill-up-his-leg” Matthews.

Matthews has become one of the most toxic people at MSNBC among a lineup of hosts who have contributed their share of outrageous attacks on the Right. Chris Matthews, in particular, has a knack for making virtually any opposing argument to the president or his policies into an issue of race.

His latest statement ranks up there as one of his most outrageous claims yet:

“The continual statement that gets you where you want to go in right-wing Republican politics, and it’s almost the same thing now, is simply always being against the president. Somebody in a room says the president ought to be executed, you pile on and you say he is an outlaw. Anything that’s nasty and all the president’s screwing the economy, he’s costing jobs. Anything that’s nasty about this guy has become the Amen chorus of the Republican Party.”

Here's the key line: “Somebody in a room says the president ought to be executed, you pile on and you say he is an outlaw.”

I don't know any conservative that doesn't demand and want to protect our elected officials, including President Obama. This is nothing more than a pathetic effort to dramatize the extent to which the Right supposedly hates his beloved president. No conservative that I know of would dare to suggest or support such a thing, and if they did they should be rightly condemned for suggesting it. Opposition to his policies, which are hurting the country I love so much, is immeasurably different than wishing harm upon the president.

With statements like this regularly flying from the mouths of hosts on the network, it's no wonder that MSNBC ranks at the bottom in terms of trust with the American people. Fox New Channel, by the way, ranks as the most trusted new source.