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Outrageous: Dems on ObamaCare

Democrats have laid out their new strategy when it comes to ObamaCare and that is to attack the Republicans.

Is this one of their first attempts to execute this new strategy?

Democratic Representative Emanuel Cleaver on MSNBC compared ObamaCare “glitches” to his granddaughter on Thanksgiving Day. Here's the quote:

“We're headed in the right direction. We had problems at first, you know, the Republicans saw a calamity in every glitch and I’ve got a one year old granddaughter and on Thanksgiving day she had a number of little glitches, but we’re not ready to throw her away because of a glitch here and there.”

What is he talking about? The “glitches” in ObamaCare speak to the fundamental flaws in building the website and the underlying repercussions associated with the law's effect on healthcare markets and our economy. A one year old child not wanting to sit still at the Thanksgiving dinner table isn't a “glitch” in that child's system and it is outrageous to suggest that someone would consider “throwing her away” because of something like this.

It's just pathetic and speaks to the level of desperation the Democrats are reaching on this issue.

But that leads to another outrageous quote by Barack Obama himself. He actually told an audience yesterday during his new propaganda blitz that ObamaCare is working! He said, "You know, the bottom line is, this law is working and will work into the future.”

If this is what the president considers “working” then I would hate to experience what it would be like if ObamaCare were failing. It seems as though Obama has no concept of what is truly happening out here in America. By what measure can he claim that his law is working?

Based on the incredible rollout of his website? – No.

Based on the need to delay various portions of the law? – No.

Based on millions losing their current insurance and doctors? – No.

Based on the skyrocketing costs associated with new premiums? – No.

Based on employers cutting hours, staff and coverage to comply with ObamaCare regulations? – No.

Based on what I hear from various Democrats, the measure of ObamaCare's success is that kids can stay on their parents' insurance until they are 26 years old. That seems to be their big claim to fame. Well you can't just ignore all of the other ramifications and tout just the parts of the law you like. That's not how this works.

And that leads me to my final outrageous quote for today. This one is from Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She was on CNN Crossfire with Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus. He asked about vulnerable Democrats embracing ObamaCare in the 2014 election. Debbie Wasserman Schultz says that “any of our candidates will be able to run on ObamaCare” and they'll be able to “use Obamacare as an advantage.”

Is this woman serious? If this is what Democrats truly believe will bring them victory in 2014 then more power to them. I think they are wrong, but who am I to tell them how to run their campaigns.